Minimum Requirements:
Operating System: Windows 8/7/Vista/Xp/2000/Me - Memory: 32MB - Multimedia: Speakers
Download Installation Packages
Product Version Size Download Link
FlexiMusic Audio Editor Dec 2010 25.6 Mb Download Free Trial Now
FlexiMusic Kids Composer Dec 2010 8.7 Mb Download Free Trial Now
FlexiMusic Wave Editor Mar 2007 3.6 Mb Download Free Trial Now
FlexiMusic Composer Mar 2007 10.4 Mb Download Free Trial Now
FlexiMusic Generator Oct 2007 2.8 Mb Download Free Trial Now
FlexiMusic Orchestra Mar 2004 4.3 Mb Download Free Trial Now

Click any of the above links to download a FULLY FUNCTIONAL, FREE TRIAL.

 How can I trust your downloads?
As long as you trust the website you are viewing, there should be no problem downloading from it. Some clues to an untrustworthy website include: too many advertisements, too many pop-ups, asking for your e-mail address to subscribe to a newsletter, no privacy policy, showing porn or casino links, etc...

You can exercise additional care by first downloading the file, saving it to your PC (do not directly run it), and then checking it for viruses. If you have anti-virus software already installed on your PC, it will likely check for viruses automatically. Afterward, visit the file using "Windows Explorer" or "My Computer," and then double-click on it to run and install it.
 Download Steps:
 Click on the "Download Free Trial Now" link.
 Choose Save instead of Run.
 Make a new folder (ex. "C:\FlexiMusic Setup"), and download the file into that folder.
 Install Steps:
 Run the downloaded file.
 Double-click on the file to start the installation.
 It will ask a few questions, like where to install FlexiMusic. Just keep clicking the Next button.
 At end it will say "Setup is Completed". Click Finish.
 Open the program by clicking Start > All Programs > FlexiMusic > FlexiMusic ....
 What you get when you Order:
 No time limit on usage.
 Lifetime Updates! Never pay again for any new versions!
 Lifetime product support.
 30 day, money-back guarantee.

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