You can make it sing from simple voice, by stretching and pitching. Further do vibrato pitching and a special feature Age-Shifting

If you are in Music Production and you are not a singer, this is a right Software for you.

If you are a singer, it can enhance your singing in various unique ways.

Works in Windows 10 / 11 (64-bits).

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Musicians, please help us by making demo songs

Voice Recordings used as Source

Songs Created by FlexiMusic Songster

time stretch
Four different Stretching

pitch shifting

Two different pitch shifting

computer singing vibrato

Vibrato Singing

reverse age shifting

Age shifting - Original

Age shifting - Reverse aging

Age shifting - Original

Age shifting - Aging

age shifting
age shifting transition

Age shifting Transitions

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Built as an Extreme Singer to assist Composers

FlexiMusic Songster is built with algorithms to convert plain voice into creative song with changing rhythms and keys to the extreme levels by Stretching (time stretch) and Pitching (pitch shift) Audio Signals while retaining natural sound.

Few highlights:

1. FlexiMusic Songster is a Singing software, a Virtual Singer (it can convert your voice/lyrics to a song).
2. FlexiMusic Songster is a Robotic Singer, (it can convert your voice to something similar to robotic voice and further to song).
3. FlexiMusic Songster is a Singing Synthesizer or a Singing Software.
4. FlexiMusic Songster can convert text to song, (it can do that with help of a text to speech tool).
5. FlexiMusic Songster is a Sound shifter, (it does pitch shift, time stretch and other sound shifting).

Further clarification:

1. FlexiMusic Songster is not an exact alternative to Melodyne.
2. FlexiMusic Songster is not an exact alternative to Vocaloid.
3. FlexiMusic Songster is not an exact alternative to Autotune.

But if you are using any of those, you will love FlexiMusic Songster, it has various singing capabilities that are unique. If you are in music production you must try it out.


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FlexiMusic is a small company making Audio and sound generating software for 20 years, they are all classic products. This new Songster is a modern product created with many years of tedious work of trial and error with the help of new generation of programmers.


Ganapathy, Coimbatore, South India. Coimbatore City is 350 KM (220 Miles) south of Bangalore

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