We truly respect your privacy. This means that we operate our business by keeping the protection of our users’ privacy foremost in our minds. As a small company, we haven’t lost sight of the fact that privacy, an innately human attribute, is important to everyone.

E-mail list:

It may surprise you to learn that FlexiMusic does NOT maintain an e-mail list! This is quite contrary to the all-to-common practice employed today where such private information is traded and sold to producers of similar products who, in turn, use your address to SPAM you.

Newsletters, SPAM:

Since we hate SPAM e-mail as much as you do, we don’t send any — including newsletters. We won’t even write concerning upgrades. To learn “What’s New,” we invite you to periodically visit the products’ pages by that same name.

When you visit our website: (Cookies)

On your first visit to our Web site, a small file, called a “cookie,” is set and kept in the C:/Windows/Cookies/ folder on your PC. Our cookie contains a string of innocuous characters that ONLY counts your re-visits to our site on the same day. By default, Web browsers are set to accept cookies. If you’re bothered by this, simply set your browser to refuse them.

While you download the setup files:

You do not need to supply your name or e-mail address in order to download our products. When you download from us, you are doing so directly from our own Web site. Since we are not redirecting you to any free file-hosting site, you’ll not have to contend with any annoying pop-ups, etc., which would otherwise be beyond our control.

While you install and use our products on your PC:

You do not need to supply your name or e-mail address in order to use our products. While our software is running on your PC, it will not communicate with any other computer over the Internet.

When you write to us: (Your name and e-mail address)

As stated above, we do not maintain an e-mail list. Neither do we steal your e-mail address from the messages you send to us. So, even though it is available to us, your email address will not be passed to others. We will use your e-mail address ONLY to reply to you when you write to us. After that, your e-mail stays in our “Inbox” and our reply stays in our “Sent items” folder on one PC strictly for reference.

When you order our products: (Your credit card number)

We do not collect credit card numbers, as we sell through the popular online store”” who does the credit card payment processing for us. They do not pass the credit card number to us. Our credit card payment processing with them uses SSL (secured socket layer), so there is no worry when using your credit card. In fact, it is safer than giving your credit card to a waiter in a restaurant! In the case of an online order, no human being ever sees your credit card number. When you enter the card number, it goes through their secured server, and no one can get that information, i.e., your e-mail or postal address, card number, etc. Paypal is the top online store for software vendors, and is very safe and secure.

When you order our products: (Your name, e-mail and postal addresses)

After you order through Paypal, we receive your e-mail address to send your license to you. Depending upon any comments you might have written when ordering, we may send another message to provide you with additional information, like installation instructions, etc. After that, your address stays in our backup to ease our search in case you contact us in the future.

Information sharing:

We do not rent or sell your personally identifiable information, like your e-mail address, to others. We only store such information for our own records.

Confidentiality and Security:

We take necessary security measures to protect your data. We limit access to personal information to only those employees who we believe will need it during the course of performing their duties, like replying to your inquiries, counting orders, etc.

This is our pledge.


Ponnuchamy Varatharaj

[Developer and Owner of FlexiMusic software.]