Record Audio | Editing Audio

Record Audio | Editing Audio

How to Record Audio in PC?

Recording Audio in Computer

  1. Open the FlexiMusic Audio Editor, at the bottom you will find the red round button to open the “Record Audio” Window.
  2. See the image below showing the steps to record.

Record Audio in Computer

It is also important to choose the correct Recording Source for recording.

How to Choose the Recording Source?

Choose the Recording Source

  1. In FlexiMusic Audio Editor’s Recording Window you will see the Recording Source box where you chose choose one source. (Either you can record from Microphone, or another audio playing in the PC). See the image below:

Choose Recording Source in Computer/Laptop

Further, if you do not see all your source in this box…

  1. right click on the speaker icon in the task bar of your PC (At the bottom right corner of the computer screen) and choose “Recording Device”
  2. Then you can Show all the devices and enable them there. See the following image:

Recording in Laptop or PC

How to Change Audio Format?

Changing Audio Format

  1. At the bottom left corner of the FlexiMusic Audio Editor you will see the format displayed (i.e.: 48000Hz, 16Bit).
  2. Right click on that number and you will see a menu to choose from.
  3. Please note if you are converting to Mp3 or writing to CD, the recommended format is 41000Hz 16Bit Stereo.
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