FlexiMusic Visualizer continuously generates dynamic colorful visuals that is nice to watch while you are playing music in any music player.

Use it while working out.

Use it to relax the mind and create positive vibe around you for good health.

Use it daily before going to bed, for better sleep.

Dancing Kaleidoscope visuals and special Path type Visuals are unique in this App. Many Kaleidoscope, Tunnel and Path type visuals are generated, and one Special Particle Animation is also included.

Kaleidoscope visuals are made to move with the tune of the music. So it is a better Music Visualizer.

It does work even when no sound is played, but when music is played it dances with the music. It also responds to outside sound/music. You can sing a song or stand near any sound and see it responding to that sound.

This App works well with FlexiMusic FX Player. It will also work with other players.

We are researching on making more visuals, stay tuned.

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Many videos here in YouTube

Note: This app is made with a strong image processing algorithms created by our research. It has capability to generate multiple different scenes  from a single source image/photo. We have created a very strong engine in C++ that is used in this program. Please contact us if you are interested in licensing our library in your product.


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