FlexiMusic Kids Composer

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FlexiMusic Kids Composer is a fun, easy way for kids to learn the basics of music-making and recording.  FlexiMusic Kids Composer software can be used at home for enhancing your child’s musical experiences, as it is an easy music maker software, or by schools for exploring the fundamental basics behind music creation for teaching music composition to elementary students. FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is packed with many “Tunes”. Kids can record live vocals, and e-mail songs to friends and family. Wake up your child’s creative talents by giving them FlexiMusic Kids Composer. Some of the features are listed below:

Who can use it?

FlexiMusic Kids composer is music creating/composing software for kids, and for those who want to see how easy music making can be. All you need is some creative thinking, and an interest in music as a hobby.


List of Features

  • Pick, Paint and Playstyle interface.
  • Mix and match Tunes in any way to build complete, original songs.
  • Using the paintbrush and erase tools with the mouse, it’s a fun and easy way to make songs come alive.
  • Boundless number of tracks.
  • Big, Simple buttons – FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is perfect for small children. Its colorful interface, basic tools, and big, simple buttons are easy for kids to understand and use.
  • Audio Recording – Kids can record their own songs.
  • Small, Built-in Audio Editor for increasing the volume, and eliminating silent parts.
  • Lot of Instruments – Over 200 instrument sounds, including drums, keyboards, guitars, horns, percussion, sound effects and more…
  • Volume and Tempo controls.
  • Play and share your songs with others. Easy song sharing via E-mail.
  • FlexiMusic Kids Composer focuses on experimenting with different instruments, then puts together the components of musical instruments. Kids can compose in their own style.
  • The Concept behind the FlexiMusic Kids Composer is valuable: An interactive program that teaches music appreciation through the hands-on foundation of music.
  • Only a couple of megabytes is necessary to save your songs in the FlexiMusic Kids Composer file format (*.FmSng)
  • The created song can be saved as a WAV file (*.WAV) or WMA file (*.WMA).
  • Quick-Start Help Document.
  • All you need is FlexiMusic Kids Composer, a PC, and a little imagination.


Complete Features and Benefits

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is an amazing piece of software, and is the easiest way to create instant music. Using a paintbrush, an erase tool, and a mouse, it’s fun and easy to make songs come alive. Just Select a “Tune”, paint on the screen, and, before long, you’ll have a complete song. It’s that easy music app. All you need is the FlexiMusic Kids Composer, your PC, and a little imagination.

Mix and match Tunes any way you can to build complete, original songs. Even if you don’t know anything about music, FlexiMusic Kids Composer software can help you sound like a star.

Lots of instruments: Hundreds of musical instruments. Create music with quality sounds and instruments, including drums, keyboards, sound effects, guitars, horns, percussion and more…

Big, Simple Buttons: FlexiMusic Kids Composer software is perfect for children. Its colorful interface, basic tools, and big, simple buttons are easy for kids to understand and use.

Working with Songs: After completing the songs, fine adjustments can be made using Tempo. FlexiMusic Kids Composer uses Tempo to control changes in how fast a song plays. Moving this control to the left will play a song slower, while moving it to the right will play it faster.

Audio Recording: Record your live vocals, or sing and play along with the music. It has a built-in, small audio editor to delete unwanted soundless parts, and to increase the volume of an audio file.

Email Songs to Friends and Family: In no time, your kids will be making music that will amaze others. So, why not share it with others? With the touch of a button, you can send an e-mail to anyone in the world, and share their musical creations with friends and family!

FlexiMusic Kids Composer is best suited for children who would like to practice mixing a variety of instruments, and composing their own music.

Supported File Formats
FlexiMusic Kids Composer software saves to these formats:

  • FmSng: FlexiMusic Kids Composer File (*.FmSng)
  • WAV: The output song can be saved as standard WAV files (*.WAV)
  • WMA: The output song can be saved as a WMA file (*.WMA)

Change Log


Version Dec2010

  • Combined tune collections and edit tune window.
  • Attractive Interface.
  • Duration of song extended up to four minutes.
  • Working Demo of FlexiMusic Kids Composer.
  • User can edit and save the files in network.
  • Recording duration extended up to three minutes.

Version Oct2007

  • Further advanced creating music, as well as making it easier by introducing Tunes in place of Star. You can have a different Beat for each step, and you can have different volume and duration for each tune.
  • Selecting Beats are moved to Tunes.
  • Recording track is converted to Audio track where you can either record, or just choose an existing wav file.
  • “Create Random Tune” button is added to create tunes in a fraction of a second.
  • Play tool added to be able to play the track at any specified time location. Just choose the play tool and click on the track.
  • Top track added showing the duration. And you can use play tool on it to play the song starting from any time location.
  • New button “Email a song” added for sharing song via e-mail.
  • Now you can change the volume and duration for each instrument separately.
  • Save to WMA function is added.
  • Front view is beautified.
  • Kids Music Word games were removed from this package.

Version May2007

  • Beat and Stars are combined as Tune, so that making music is made even easier.
  • Different instrument sound can be assigned to each key, so that advanced users can make better music.
  • Play tool is added; by selecting this you can click on a track to play it from there.
  • Better music samples added.
  • Look and feel is changed to make it look nice.

Version Feb2006

  • Refreshed user interface.
  • Added Guitar and Violin instruments to Kids Music World.
  • Improvements to music.
  • New Category added Kids Games World (four dots games).

Version Sep2005

  • An amazing FlexiMusic Kids Music World program is now included with FlexiMusic Kids Composer.
  • FlexiMusic Kids Music World basically includes two instruments (piano and drum).

Version Jan2005

  • More Beats and Stars are added.

Version Jul2004

  • More detailed Help added.
  • Beat and star are saved inside the song file, so it is easy to send to others with your own beats and stars.

Version Jun2004

  • First Release.
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