FlexiMusic FX Player for Android Mobile

It a simple, easy to use and free Effects Player App for Android Mobile.

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Bored of listening the same songs? Do you want to play your songs differently? Then this app is for you! Play the same song in multiple variants by choosing our various unique effects.

FlexiMusic FX Player is a Free Music Player app that can play your music with special effects like Robotic, Dracula, Underwater effects, etc. It can play Music like Special Sounds.

FX Player Features:

The only Player app that can play your music with LIVE FX. The Live effects provided are
*Robo *Mummy *Space *Scary
*Dracula *Deep *Balloon *UnderSea
*AI *Phone *Chipmunk *Alien
*Killer *Girl *Drunk *Bloop
*Shock *Boil *Radio *Fire *Dead

♪ Ten Pet Lists – Playlists are now Pet Lists
♪ Add songs to Favorites right from your songs list – Tap Heart or Star
♪ Swipe Up to view Songs List
♪ 10 Seconds Seek Buttons – Seek 10 seconds Forward or Backward
♪ Bookmarks within song – Four Bookmarks placed in each song. Navigate to bookmarks using Play Next Bookmark button and Play Previous Bookmark button
♪ Attractive Themes
♪ Easily browse and play songs – All Songs, Recently Played Songs, and Pet Lists
♪ This Mp3 Player scans all your mp3 audio files automatically
♪ Play songs in shuffle and loop

Note: This app is made with a strong audio processing algorithms created by our research. It has capability to generate multiple different sound from a single source sound. For example you can record your voice and create voice for an alien personality or make it as an animal/incest/bird talking. We have created a very strong engine in C++ that is used in this program. Please contact us if you are interested in licensing our library in your product.


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